Itchy Scalp Remedy… continued…

From my last post, this journey is getting tougher, 5 months down, but the best part is I do not have to deal with my hair for now, it is braided. Now from my little research, synthetic hair has an alkaline base which I could be allergic to.  Am not sure it is an allergic reaction or just an itch. I have small bumps on my scalp which are sensitive and painful when I touch them, am hoping it is nothing serious.

Onto the remedy om most blogs: Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV), water and Shampoo.

Now I was supposed to deep the braid into a 1:1 mixture of ACV and water. Then lightly Shampoo it, let it dry and install. However, I already had the braids installed so I had to improvise, and it was time for some shopping.IMG_20150531_153544

Got the American Garden brand, it was the only one available (now white vinegar is what I could try next, on the braid, as I know it could be drying to the hair). Mixed it with same amount of water in a spray bottle.

First I applies shampoo to my scalp only, massaged and hopped into the shower, and let just warm water run through it. Of course the shampoo went all the way to the length. Wrapped it in an old shirt I have (which I still wear, am attached!!! lol) and when it was still damp, I sprayed the ACV+Water mixture abundantly, making sure the whole scalp was covered. and wore a shower cap for 15 minutes, rinsed it out and t-shirt dried again.

When my hair was almost dry, I used Siri Leave-In conditioner. First time using this product. It forms a white foam but once it’s dry, no residue is left. (It at least has ingredients I can read and pronounce with ease- but does minimal for my natural growth)


To combat dryness I massaged extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) on my scalp.


It is so hard to put oil on the hair when it is braided, so I gave up. At least I had a clean scalp. To combat dry hair I have my Holy Grail (water, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil mixture).

The effect is not as expected, the itchiness is still there (Verdict, it did not help). Maybe with more ACV rinses I will see a difference, will share the experience, but the braids will be washed first before installation. Also, the progress of the bumps and dryness to follow.



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