Itchy Scalp Remedy.

Hello, Since I stopped relaxing, as mentioned from 20th December 2014, 22 weeks ago, That’s exactly 5months. I have been having a badly itchy scalp. Even with my holy grail (coconut, castor oil and water mixture) nothing seems to work. I have heard of coconut oil helping and soothing an itchy scalp. However, that does not seem to work. I have been having braids for two weeks and a maximum of three. Just beats me how people are able to stay for 8 weeks. Well, targets are set of these. Looking forward to this but I have been faithful to routine. Weekly wash, no deep condition, just leave-in conditioner, sealing it. Moisturize daily in the morning before heading out. Am exciting to see the progress in thickness of my hair, and of course the length, though since am not keen on that since I have been and will be trimming away throughout 2015 as I braid it and strive for more time for braids on my head. I think 4 weeks is not too much to ask. Last time I checked, I had 3 Inches of growth (of natural hair of course) in 5 months. Okay that’s a lot less than 0.5” per month 😦 So I am still looking for that remedy and hopefully it will be a permanent solution since I do not have dandruff, and I have been having weekly washes, so a dirty scalp is out of the question. Maybe before I get commercial products I will try some home remedy,.



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