Change of Mind

I have been harboring thoughts of transitioning from relaxed to texlaxed hair. It is a good thing I did. So after washing my hair about a month ago, I decided to trim the relaxed, bone straight ends. they were as good as dead and there was nothing I could do to make it better.

The aftermath

So looking at the amount of hair I had cut and the fullness of my roots, I was pleased. I have been installing braided cornrows and still moisturized diligently and used a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil, since castor oil is too viscous. So after take down, two weeks ago, after I had washed and deep conditioned, as I detangled my hair,  a lot ended up in my hands and on the floor. I try to finger detangle before using a wide tooth comb. The breakage was extreme. I did not know what I was doing wrong.

Due to the many blogs I had read and issues to do with hair, (I have a lot of them on speed dial in my browser) I decided to go natural (YYEEEAAAH!!! to that). I mean, let’s face it, my hair has never grown past shoulder length when it was relaxed, and the texlax is not helping. Am tired of breakage, and I know I can at least manage my kinky coils. At least so far I have. Am 19weeks post relaxer. No more creamy crack on my hair, am done. I also noticed my edges, especially the front part of my hairline is sensitive and gets very itchy, and this is the best step towards healthy and fuller edges. Although my coils are loser than I thought and gets really dry. So I will gradually cut off the texlax hair that I have (from my recent touch up in December) as I learn to love and care for it.

Am positive about this. Although I know I will have to go through the awkward stage, the puberty part of my hair where I would wonder what to do to it, say because of the not so short or long enough since I will not be big chopping. I however already lost length to breakage and trimming. As at now am doing protective styling before I get brave enough to wear my hair out.



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