That Month…

Hello people,

It’s been a while. Been up and down. So it was my birthday on this month on the 12th and wooohoo!!! to turning older, achieving more and hoping for greater ahead. I’ll just say am 21 this year and 20 next year :-).


This post will be a little picture heavy since I’ll be updating on the events of the past month since my last post.


And came the cold mornings, I cannot remember what I was staring at. (Introducing Winnie-Long history) That’s a whole blog post on itself.

And then came my birthday and chocolate was my choice. However, Black Forest tastes better than chocolate cake, just saying..


IMG-20150312-WA0047 IMG-20150312-WA0019

Being a March baby, so many people around me have birthdays in March. Now for this one, we go way back to college days and we did really dance. I had missed this part of my life.

IMG-20150316-WA0006 IMG-20150316-WA0004

Jamming to Sura Yako. Believe it or not I caught the Sauti Sol ‘Sura Yako’ frenzy after so many months after its release.


As much as I dominate this picture, the birthday girl is to the left.


Winnie again (left)

Adios Amigos.



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