Sad Hairffair…

My hair is in a broken state, am disappointed….

I undid my braids and was shocked to find knots and knots of hair  at the ends and had to pull them so the braids came out with hair. Lesson learned, no more coarse hair extension.  Although this was purely relaxed ends, which I had planned to trim over time, I ended up with shorter hair-Setbacks 😦

I went from hair I could hold in a ponytail to, let’s just say, shorter hair.


see the thinning ends which mostly broke off anyway..


At the barber shop, with blow dried hair. Had uneven lengths and told him to chop them off, this is the ‘after’ picture, but they are not even after all. My edges are not in shape, they are transparent at the front. Encouraging myself that I have just started and have a long way to go, so no quick fix. It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon.


Secured the short ends with bobby pins at the back. I always remember to part my hair in different places every two days at the front to prevent hair loss.


A better view. Bobby pins are my best friends as at now.

Until next time,



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