Hair Progress

Now in 2014, I decided to take a serous hair journey, and to be honest, it wasn’t easy. I have never bothered to know my hair type initially, I only knew hair types were different but now I know better. Now I probably have the kinkiest tightly coiled type of hair. (I think 4c) But am glad it does not bother me anymore.

I took the boldest step and relaxed texlaxed my hair at home on the 20th of December 2014. So I got ORS no lye relaxer in normal strength and I was all nerves, you know, ‘what if something goes wrong’.  Thoroughly detangled my hair, then applied base on the whole of my scalp with some grease I got some time back but never used, covered my previously relaxed hair with the same and had my hair in 4 sections. I thought I had short hair, so i did not clip the sections, big mistake. This just made it hard to go through my hair at the back, I was clumsy and i got even more nervous.

The beginning was a bit smooth, started with the front quadrants, easy and smooth, my timer was on so I was a bit time conscious. The back was hard to do the application. I mostly estimated the unprocessed hair length, and since I did not clip my hair,  I accidentally got relaxer on some of my relaxed hair. I smoothed shortly, and when i looked at the timer, i went into panic mode. 17 minutes down. Now I did not do a strand test so this was a trial, but it was supposed to work out. At exactly 20 minutes, I ran to the bathroom. Washed it fast, fast. Neutralized, Conditioned (all the products were from the ORS relaxer kit) but I added some coconut oil and glycerine to the deep conditioner.

Final results was under-processed hair, which was inconsistent in texture. The panic made me not smooth properly in some areas. Was I happy with the results? Well, I was more than glad. I had very thick 3 inches from the roots and thinning brittle ends, very evident. I was happy to say the least. But exactly two weeks later I braided my hair. This is not recommended but honestly, I need time to really get my game together. So I trimmed it before installing synthetic braids, and washed it every 2 weeks with braids on . I decided to trim 0.5” every month until all the ends are gone. Meanwhile, I will be giving my hair one week break before re-braiding, and probably do a touch up after 20 weeks (6 weeks down), so help me God.





IMG_20150129_100056 IMG_20150203_185028

The synthetic braids I had installed, at 5 weeks.

Will be taking pictures of my hair when I undo this.



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