My hair Situationship

In a love-hate situationship with my hair.

Remember my broken hair?  Now I will let the pictures talk.


Seeing through my neck



One positive thing, my growing edges.


The joy of being on a journey is seeing how far you have come when you look back.

Looking forward to that moment.



Sad Hairffair…

My hair is in a broken state, am disappointed….

I undid my braids and was shocked to find knots and knots of hair  at the ends and had to pull them so the braids came out with hair. Lesson learned, no more coarse hair extension.  Although this was purely relaxed ends, which I had planned to trim over time, I ended up with shorter hair-Setbacks 😦

I went from hair I could hold in a ponytail to, let’s just say, shorter hair.


see the thinning ends which mostly broke off anyway..


At the barber shop, with blow dried hair. Had uneven lengths and told him to chop them off, this is the ‘after’ picture, but they are not even after all. My edges are not in shape, they are transparent at the front. Encouraging myself that I have just started and have a long way to go, so no quick fix. It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon.


Secured the short ends with bobby pins at the back. I always remember to part my hair in different places every two days at the front to prevent hair loss.


A better view. Bobby pins are my best friends as at now.

Until next time,


Hair Progress

Now in 2014, I decided to take a serous hair journey, and to be honest, it wasn’t easy. I have never bothered to know my hair type initially, I only knew hair types were different but now I know better. Now I probably have the kinkiest tightly coiled type of hair. (I think 4c) But am glad it does not bother me anymore.

I took the boldest step and relaxed texlaxed my hair at home on the 20th of December 2014. So I got ORS no lye relaxer in normal strength and I was all nerves, you know, ‘what if something goes wrong’.  Thoroughly detangled my hair, then applied base on the whole of my scalp with some grease I got some time back but never used, covered my previously relaxed hair with the same and had my hair in 4 sections. I thought I had short hair, so i did not clip the sections, big mistake. This just made it hard to go through my hair at the back, I was clumsy and i got even more nervous.

The beginning was a bit smooth, started with the front quadrants, easy and smooth, my timer was on so I was a bit time conscious. The back was hard to do the application. I mostly estimated the unprocessed hair length, and since I did not clip my hair,  I accidentally got relaxer on some of my relaxed hair. I smoothed shortly, and when i looked at the timer, i went into panic mode. 17 minutes down. Now I did not do a strand test so this was a trial, but it was supposed to work out. At exactly 20 minutes, I ran to the bathroom. Washed it fast, fast. Neutralized, Conditioned (all the products were from the ORS relaxer kit) but I added some coconut oil and glycerine to the deep conditioner.

Final results was under-processed hair, which was inconsistent in texture. The panic made me not smooth properly in some areas. Was I happy with the results? Well, I was more than glad. I had very thick 3 inches from the roots and thinning brittle ends, very evident. I was happy to say the least. But exactly two weeks later I braided my hair. This is not recommended but honestly, I need time to really get my game together. So I trimmed it before installing synthetic braids, and washed it every 2 weeks with braids on . I decided to trim 0.5” every month until all the ends are gone. Meanwhile, I will be giving my hair one week break before re-braiding, and probably do a touch up after 20 weeks (6 weeks down), so help me God.





IMG_20150129_100056 IMG_20150203_185028

The synthetic braids I had installed, at 5 weeks.

Will be taking pictures of my hair when I undo this.