Monday Morning Drama…

It is obviously Monday, having had a dramatic weekend i was somewhat hoping for a quick week without any kid of ‘adventure’. It was not to be so. I mean this is Nairobi where unexpected things happens every single day, and that’s how my hope was thwarted. Now I make it a point to walk at least twenty minutes in the morning (am on that weight check) and another twenty in the evening.

So today as usual am with my friend’s sister, and as we rush to catch a bus, she whispers something…”I hate it when someone is right behind you and it feels like they are trailing you…..”

Of course i take the hint- there’s a man right on our back who has been keeping pace with us- and walk faster, he increases his pace. We slow down, the same happens… and I have watched way too many movies to know what to do in such a situation. We keep our conversation going(with my friend) and i change course and he won’t just give up. He’s in pursuit. My friend, let’s call her Joy, because that’s her name starts freaking out and I try, mark try, because am not better off, i mean who knows what he could do. The worst that could happen is we get kidnapped in broad daylight, see how wild my mind was racing? After it’s obvious we are trying to ‘escape’ he finally catches up with us and interrogates Joy.

Unknown: Wewe ni mkikuyu?

Joy: (Keeps walking)…

Unknown: Niambie tu

Joy: Nods her head in disgust  (Increase walking pace, including myself)

Unknown: Ama wewe ni mkamba?

Joy: (To me) WTH?

Me: Just keep walking, this is one of those Mondays you meet a psycho on your way to catch a bus.

Now we cross the road, he does the same. My mind is extremely alert and I tell Joy we need to go back to the other side. When she brushed off my idea, I went ahead and crossed the road and she followed. Now this psycho goes ahead and says, ‘Nimewashtua‘ and grins wildly as he walks away. Then started analyzing the situation with our FBI instincts and made sure we boarded a different bus from him. Better safe than sorry I tell myself.

On reaching the Central Business District, the tout told us ‘tushuke na jam’ and immediately three passengers alighted: myself, Joy and another passenger alight, the traffic police take over the vehicle since the place was not a designated bus stop.

After such an interesting morning, all I could do was look forward to a great week.