Stock Taking

The year 2014 is going well as anticipated. I have been home for most part of the year with a few days away, travelling. There’s no better way to continue a year than to know more about your past, in terms of ties and your ancestry. Kisii is where I have been, considering I rarely went there in the past, I can say I have learnt a lot and appreciate more to that effect.

Notice the red volcanic soil

The downs of this year; my grandfather passed on, he was a great man, a bit frail at the point of his demise. At 87, he was so strong. Reaching such an age is a total blessing. I will forever remember him, for all the talks we had. He really valued education, told me to soma mono (study hard) any time I was with him.

Also I have made stronger ties. My family, my friends, and most of all my closest friend Nice Njeri, bless her. Such a strong woman and inspiration.

Eight years of friendship, four of ups and downs, and still counting.

Njeri on the left

A great moment which I look forward to: graduation. I know it’s my first degree but got to celebrate.

Another great thing that happened to me this year, this Man Onjira.


Looking forward to a greater year. Happy 2014 (It’s June, I know)